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Elevate Your Fencing Business with Exclusive Fencing Leads

Welcome to TimeFree Solutions, where we specialize in connecting fencing contractors with high-quality leads that drive business growth and success. We understand the challenges that contractors face in acquiring qualified prospects and expanding their customer base. That's why we've developed a robust platform that delivers exclusive leads tailored to your specific requirements, empowering you to focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional fencing services.



Ready to propel your fencing business to new heights with our premium leads?


Gain a competitive edge with our exclusive fencing leads that are tailored to your specific requirements. We leverage advanced marketing techniques to connect you with motivated customers actively seeking fencing services in your area. Say goodbye to generic leads and hello to prospects ready to engage with your business.


Stay ahead of the competition with our real-time lead delivery system. Receive instant notifications whenever a new lead is generated, allowing you to act quickly and capitalize on valuable opportunities. With our swift lead delivery process, you'll never miss out on a hot lead again.


The lead-to-client delivery time, from form submission to arrival in the client's inbox, is under 30 seconds—setting a new industry standard for speed. This rapid response time is not only unmatched but also pivotal, as studies show that contacting a lead within the first 5 minutes can boost your chance of closing a deal by 80%.

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Lead response time is essential because the quicker your sales team responds, the more likely you will get in touch with the contact. Inbound leads are significant because of two reasons:

First, they typically have marketing spend against them, whether advertising, events, or even SEO, content, and partnerships. This means that inbound leads are more costly than outbound ones and need to be captured and sold so teams can earn a positive return on investment.

Second, due to this marketing spend and their general nature, inbound leads are typically more qualified and ready to buy than outbound leads.

This means they are looking to purchase, and are in the midst of a purchase decision, or are a good custom fit. This interest also shortens the sales cycle, which means they have a higher probability of both closing, and closing quickly. This makes inbound leads highly profitable for sales teams (when managed correctly), but they must be properly capitalized with a rapid lead response time. Lead quality degrades over time. If you don't respond to your leads, they grow cold and lose interest, either because they'd have moved on to other companies or their other responsibilities. So, in fact, the sooner you can respond to your leads, the better.

Why is this? Well, the internet has changed buyer behavior. Customers are doing significant online research about the products and services they're interested in, all without ever talking to another person. So when potential buyers do reach out, it's usually when they're very close to the purchase stage of their buyer's journey. And that's the best time to reach them—when they're interested in and ready to talk to a salesperson.

When you respond to your leads, the way of response and the frequency of response matters too. Are you reaching out via email or phone? You should probably be doing both. And you shouldn't give up after one attempt. Doing this helps you establish a relationship with your lead by nurturing them into prospects and customers. Many factors require internet leads to be contacted within 5 minutes or less.

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Here are some of the factors:

• Buyers are available. A client is likely still near their phone and ready for a call within 5 minutes.

• Each minute that passes drastically lowers your chances of making contact. For example, some tests showed that 30 minutes after submitting an inquiry, buyers are 100 times less likely to be available to take a call.

• Responding to leads within 5 minutes yields a 900% increase in contact rate.

• The average website visitor stays on a site no longer than five and a half minutes. After those 5 minutes, their attention has moved elsewhere.

• You are a resource meeting their contracting needs when you contact them within 5 minutes. After that, you are an interruption in their day.

• 78% of buyers choose to work with the first respondent. Calling within 5 minutes will give you a competitive edge of being the first fencer they've spoken with.

The Five-Minute Rule: Data Shows the Importance of Quick response

• A study by (and sponsored by found something remarkable. Since coined as "The Five-Minute Rule," the study showed that when B2B sales teams respond to leads in less than 5 minutes, their chances of engagement and conversion into pipeline skyrocketed.

• 74% of sales teams can't meet this goal. The result for those teams is that leads evaporate, and meetings get delayed or never scheduled, resulting in a dramatic decrease in pipeline and revenue.

It is significant to note that decreasing lead response times can help fill your pipeline and increase sales opportunities. Not only will you beat out the competition as the first to respond, but your team will also be the first to qualify the prospect. Those odds are 21x greater when the lead response is 5 minutes versus 30 minutes. So you can see where calling while the lead is still hot can have a significant impact on sales results and the company's bottom line.

Reducing the lead response time is incredibly important. Not only can it help you make your leads happy, gain customers and enhance your brand's reputation – but when done correctly, it can also improve efficiencies throughout the organization.

At TimeFree Solutions, we understand the challenges fencing contractors face in growing their businesses and securing quality clients. Our lead generation services are designed to meet these challenges head-on, providing you with exclusive, high-quality leads that drive growth and success. By leveraging our advanced marketing strategies, real-time delivery system, and commitment to quality, you can transform your fencing business and achieve new levels of success. Contact us today to get started and experience the difference our premium leads can make for your business.

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